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Best musical instrument apps for iOS and Android

Many applications are available for download from both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. If you are looking for the best musical instrument applications, you will locate many other applications that are less popular to you. Therefore, this article highlights some of the best applications that we believe offer real value and providing you with the best music apps for your iOS and Android smartphones.

Ultimate Guitar

The first application of musical instruments to try is the Ultimate Guitar App. Available for iOS and Android, this app provides access to an extensive list of music options such as ukulele chords, guitar, tabs and lyrics conveniently from your Smartphone. See and explore over 800,000 songs and use the features available to edit tabs, lyrics and chords to your needs. Depending on where you need to get better the most, Ultimate Guitar is for you.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is a very advanced application available for iOS and Android. This allows you to record, edit and play complete tracks to your zest. If you are a learning DJ, this application could be your best option. It allows you to add exceptional effects to complete tracks such as filters, delays, volume adjustments, phasers and bass/treble. Take advantage of available features like auto-ducker, graphic equalizer, flanger, distortion and parametric equalizer. If you’re looking for a feature-rich application that will not disappoint, download FL Studio Mobile.

Metronome App

One more app that works really well for music lovers is the Metronome app. The metronome application uses a full single-screen interface and uses intermittent LED lights to craft complex rhythms. This application gives you 6 rhythm patterns to use, 3 sets of sounds and multitasking backing for a more special experience.

Pro Metronome app

Earlier, it was the metronome application and now it’s the pro metronome application. This application is one of the most influential musical instrument applications, allowing you to adapt your musical practice skills to reach the requisite levels. With this application, you can conveniently change beat sounds, beat volumes, ascents, polyrhythmic settings and build complex patterns. During the practice session, you can make use of the LED flashes or vibrations to get the right rhythms. With such intelligent features of such a powerful application, what are you still looking for?

Simply Piano app

If you are a pianist looking for the best application to improve your skills, Simply Piano could be the perfect combination. With this application, you just have to place the Smartphone in its acoustics and play the piano. The application automatically detects the tunes and gives feedback on how you are playing. One can choose to acquire a full course and start his journey to become a pro with his Smartphone. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Simply Piano is an application that takes your musical skill to a new level.


Similar to “Simply Piano,” the Yousician app works by hearing your music as you play your favourite musical instruments, and then makes comments based on your act. Whether you play the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele, this application will provide you with a step-by-step guide through the course that will assist you to improve each area. Next time you look for a useful music application; do not miss the opportunity to download Yousician.

Perfect Piano

If you learn to play the piano then you are in the right place. The Perfect Piano is an extraordinary application that guides you through the course at a pace that you will easily understand. This piano simulator application has smart features that keep you engaged throughout the course. The application allows you to use various functions and settings, such as double row mode, single row mode, dual players and chords mode. The application supports tone plug-ins, piano widgets, USB MIDI keyboard and allows you to share files or configure them as ringtones.


Available for both iOS and Android, iBone app allows you to play the real trombone comfortably from your Smartphone. With this application, you can have fun with the trombone anywhere, anytime. With the aid of iBone Songbook and roboBone, you can effortlessly practice the skills of trombone playing, songs and positions, and learn what makes you a true professional. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the trombone, why not give it a shot and see how pleasing it is!


It’s all for today. If you’ve read through the list of above-mentioned applications, you’ve probably already found a perfect application that matches your musical requirements. Just like there is a perfect hookup app for someone looking for a fuckbook, there is a perfect app for the musician or producer looking to expand the capability of their smartphones. The greatest thing about these applications is that they are accessible in the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. So, if you have a smartphone with Android or iOS, you will not have any trouble downloading all the applications available in each store.


Tik Tok has been a phenomenal starter in the Social Media worldwide. It allows users to share online their self-created videos. The users can create short videos with music, and use some flashy techniques and apps to convert their own often funny daily incidents into spectacular and comic presentations. And its not always funny. Sometimes it makes the viewer cringe, sometimes shed a tear or two. In a brief few minutes, the Tik Tok video expresses a viewpoint, a personal creation. It is a platform for users to express themselves. The vast popularity of Tik Tok, universally, particularly of those of impressionable age, means that parental authorities need to have Tik Tok explained, clearly and thoroughly, for them to be able to safeguard the young.

Brief History

Tik Tok started life as a Chinese invention. ByteDance first launched Doutin in the China market in September 2016. ByteDance itself was born in Beijing in 2012, founded by the Billionaire Zhang Yiming. It specialized on short bursts of song and dance, lip-synch, talent show and some horseplay, which attracted instant attention. But it was the launch of Douyin that opened the horizon to a new star. And in a normally placid country that had millions of Internet users, young China was absolutely wowed by the sheer fun of the new format. Douyin presently has over 150 Million active daily users in China, mostly below a certain age. Then, in 2017, Tik Tok was launched on Android and iOS Platforms, for markets outside China. Tik Tok is freely available everywhere outside of China, through both Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store. Though both Douyin and Tik Tok use the same software, separate networks are maintained in order to comply with the Chinese Censorship Laws. In order to dominate the American Teenager market, ByteDance purchased, and provided smooth access to Tik Tok to the US.

Universal Use

Tik Tok, by their entry into the American market through,, was beginning to corner the world market for this genre. As Tik Tok themselves enunciated their objectives, their mission was “to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone.” Tik Tok was now in the real Big League, competing with You Tube, Instagram, and Facebook. The very simplicity of the App is such that almost anyone can use it, even some very young people. Almost anyone can become a content provider, and age does not matter much. The appeal to be a centre of attraction over a wide network and the lure of a vast fan following, is addictive. Since its launching in 2017, Tik Tok now has over 800 Million active users worldwide (reference : Dataportal, 2020). Tik Tok is now 9th in terms of Social Network Sites. It is ahead of renowned icons such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. Asian countries have immersed themselves in Tik Tok, and Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are enthusiastic members of the Tik Tok club. Tik Tok has achieved in under three years the kind of numbers (of active daily users) that it took Instagram over six years to nearly achieve. And even Facebook took over four years to achieve it. Even on the count of the most downloaded App in the world, Tik Tok is far ahead. It has surpassed both one Billion downloads and 1,5 Billion downloads, all in the SAME year, 2019. Right now, it is well on track to become the THIRD most popular non-gaming App in the whole world, just behind WhatsApp and Facebook. Strangely enough, of the Five Apps mentioned above, only Tik Tok is not owned by Facebook.

Safety and Security

Tik Tok has been designed as a fun, social network which shares User-created videos. Generally the younger generation is encouraged to sing, dance, converse and lip-synch in short explosive videos which also have attractive audio content. Signing up for Tik Tok automatically makes the User’s account public by default, which means anyone can see these videos. Since it is targeted at the Gen X, some Users may be of tender age and require parental guidance. Privacy Settings are included in the accounts, and can be used, if desired, by Users or their parents, so that only the people known to the User can interact with the User’s videos or message the User on the app. Thus messages can be sent to or received from ‘Friends’ only, instead of just ‘Everyone’. Of course, any of these features can also be over-written at will.

Tik Tok has already crossed the one Billion mark for App installations on the App Store and Google Play store. 41% of users on Tik Tok are between the age range of 16 and 24 years (reference: Globalwebindex, 2019). There is no need to have Tik Tok Explained over and above this fact.

A look At Soundcloud

Share Music

Music is an everyday part of us, no matter what we would always end up humming a song or tune dancing and prancing around the house. It’s a common function that we end up doing. But other than that music is important. Now if you want to jam out to some songs you there are all sorts of different apps that you could use. But if you are also interested in making music then there are apps for that too. There are platforms where it allows amateur artist to make music and showcase to the world. And people can even cache these, or download, make playlists and so on. So the artists are basically real artists. Now if this is what you’re interested in then getting soundcloud may be of use. Now you must be wondering “what is Soundcloud?” well let’s get on to that in a bit. What you have to know is that if you want to start your music career then this is the way to go.

Soundcloud And Soundcloud App

Soundcloud is an app that you can get on the app store, or play store. It is a social networking system where music, or any type of audio track can be distributed. Now when you’re thinking of a social network you think of Instagram, or Facebook, but not Soundcloud. However it is pretty big, and quite popular. The idea was brought upon by a Swedish music artist, and a sound designer in 2007, they wanted musician to be able to share ideas, and expose their music to the world. Now it is one of the largest social networks in the world, there are over 175 million users, and every 12 hours new music, or any type of audio is being uploaded. Not to mention that there are so many people listening as well. For it to flourish there needs to be people that will be willing to listen to it as well, so this is what it is. So if you want to share your music to the world why not sign up and be a part of something exciting.

How does it work?

So now you got the answer to the question of what is Soundcloud, now you need to know how it works. Now on this there are two types of people, the people you put their music out for people to listen to it, and promote it, and there are the people who listen to the audio tracks.

The people, or the contributors to soundcloud can post and organize their music so that people can listen to it. They will provide links so that people can listen, buy or download it. Not only that but they will also post updates on anything new. This is how the artists will work with Soundcloud.

Now for the people who listen, Soundcloud listeners, they can listen, like, share, and comment on it. They could also mark it as their favourite tracks, and spread it over their social platform. They can also create custom playlists with their favourite songs, and download it too. So this is how it will generally work.

How to use Soundcloud

It isn’t all that difficult to use, so you can browse for music and audio tracks to listen to, and there is so much. You can use the search option to look for music in your favorite genre, there is pop, rock, hip hop, and so much more. And after this if you like the songs you can even create a playlist, or a collection of songs that you want to be played in certain order. Next if you want you could even join groups of audio enthusiast for exclusive tracks. This allows you to connect with the people who are interested in the same stuff as you. If you want you could even spice up your profile and show your persona, as it is a social network this is important if you want to gain more exposure. You can change your background, display pictures, and introduce yourself a bit, so that people know who you are, and what you’re interested in. And this is all you have to do.