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The Most Followed Accounts On Tik Tok

Social media provides an excellent platform for social networking. Millions of people around the world are connecting through various social media networking sites. Among the many growing social media platforms, Tik Tok is one of the biggest video-sharing applications. Tik Tok enables users to make short videos and share them on different social media websites.

It was released in 2016 by Bytedance, a Chinese company. Tik Tok is available in over forty languages and has recorded millions of downloads ever since its release. If you are a Tik Tok fan, you may want to watch out for some of these most-followed accounts on Tik Tok.

Charlie Grace D’Amelio

Charlie Grace D’Amelio is now one of the most popular Tik Toker with 116.5 million followers. In addition to that, her videos have millions of likes. She hails from Norwalk, Connecticut, and was born on May 1, 2004. Charlie D’Amelio is a famous dancer and a strong social media personality. Her popularity owes to her interesting Tik Tok contents that have attracted millions of fans worldwide.

Charlie D’Amelio was already a renowned dancer before involving in social media career. In 2019, her popularity grew even more when she started uploading trending dance videos on Tik Tok. Ever since then, Charlie D’Amelio continues to influence fans worldwide.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is another influencer with one of the highest followers on Tik Tok. Her videos have millions of likes. Addison Rae is popularly known as a dancer and a social media personality, earning the likes of millions of followers and fans. Her popularity hit when she started posting dance videos on Tik Tok starting in 2019. Addison Rae quickly rose to fame among the dancer’s community.

She stands in the second rank for the most followed Tik Tok accounts after Charlie Grace D’Amelio. Addison Rae was also named by Forbes as one of the highest-earning Tik Tok influencers in 2020. In March 2021, Addison released her single debut, “obsessed.” She has a strong public image.

Bella Boarch

With over 70.5 million followers, Bella Boarch stands as the third most-followed accounts on Tik Tok. She is a social media personality and a singer attracting millions of fans worldwide. Bella Boarch is an American-Filipino born on February 8, 1997. Her popularity rose when she posted a lip-sync video on Tik Tok.

The video hit millions of likes, and she eventually earned millions of followers. Bella Boarch announced the release of her single debut, “Build a Bitch” in May 2021. She still holds the record of the most liked Tik Tok videos with over 49.3 million likes.

Khabane Lane

Born on March 9, 2000, Khabane Lane is the fourth most-followed account on Tik Tik. His popularity owes to his life hack videos on Tik Tok. He started his social media career in 2020. And in 2021, his videos reached global attention for his unique and debunking life hack videos.

Khabane Lane is a social media personality with over 62.4 million followers. His videos have millions of likes and followers. Khabane Lane constantly uploads new content making him one of the most-watched Tik Tok creators.

Zach King

Zach King is a filmmaker, internet personality, and illusionist from Los Angeles. He is popularly known for his six-second magic vines videos. His videos are excellently edited, making it appear like he is doing real magic. Zach King’s videos are exciting to watch. His unique video editing skills and ideas caught the attention of millions of Tik Tok fans.

Zach King started his social media career in 2008 by posting videos on Youtube that caught him massive attention. And later, in 2013, Zach started uploading videos on Vine. In 2016, he started posting videos on Tik Tok that gained him millions of fans. With over 45 million followers, he is now one of the top Tik Tok personalities. Zack also won the commercial contest Hewlett-Packard in 2010.

Will Smith

Will Smith, also known as William Carroll Smith Jr., is a famous American rapper, actor, and film producer. With over 54.4 million followers, Will Smith is the sixth most-followed account on Tik Tok. The fact that he is a famous actor and a singer, his Tik Tok videos rose to popularity overnight.

Loren Gray Beech

Hailing from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Loren Gray Beech is an American internet personality, model, and a singer. In the year 2019, her Tik Tok videos gained popularity, and she became one of the most followed individuals on the platform. She also has a reputation on YouTube with over 100.3 million followers and likes. Her contents are all about beauty, music, and fashion.

With millions of users, Tik Tok makes an excellent platform for those looking for fame. Social media platforms are constantly growing, and it has become one of the fastest means for sharing information, videos, or any type of content with the rest of the world. It has no geographical limitation and helps bring people from different parts of the world to connect and share information.

Top Music Streaming Platforms

Music streaming platforms in the past used to have dissimilar libraries. Coldplay would be on Spotify but not Apple Music and the like. However, times have changed, and different apps these days have catalogs similar to each other. They offer almost unlimited playlists and songs and typically release fresh albums around the same time. 

What sets them apart is the music search (or discovery) quality, sound quality, and user experience. So keep reading to find out the top music streaming platforms we selected after putting several to the test in respect to the major factors. We are sure you would find the most suitable one for you today, which you can use to stream your favourite type of music flawlessly.

Spotify- Great music discovery and user-friendly

The features about this platform that outstand others are:

  • Its super-user-friendly interface.
  • An excellent music discovery function.
  • A massive library containing more than 40 million songs.

Its free tier streams music at a bit rate of 96 Kbps-160 Kbps and contains ads. When you upgrade to Premium at $10/month, you can stream at 320 Kbps and enjoy an ad-free service. 

Up till 2020, the app had a library limit of 10,000 songs. Now, you can add as many songs as you like in your library and stack each playlist with up to 10,000 songs. You can also check out the songs your friends listen to by turning on social sharing. 

Tidal- Massive content and high-quality sound

Once known chiefly for hip-hop music content, Tidal is now a streaming app that has a wide range of songs. On this platform, you have access to over 70 million high-resolution tracks of all the genres you can think of! iOS, desktop, and Android users can use Tidal without any problem.

Tidal is most popularly known for being an app that streams music at superb sound quality and user-friendliness. It streams songs at 320 Kbps flawlessly at $10/month. You can opt for the HI-Fi tier at $20/month if you are looking for uncompromised audio streaming quality.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a free version for music lovers who don’t mind using services supported by ads.

Apple Music- Great streaming app with a broad catalog

While the discovery options in Apple Music may not be as functional as Spotify’s, it is still among the top music streaming apps on the market. Apple Music costs $10 a month where you can stream music at 256 Kbps. There is also a $5/month deal if you are a student, and families of up to six people can opt for the $15/month option.

Both the mobile and desktop versions of the Apple Music app have an easy interface and a functional layout. The song limit in a library is 100,000; however, you can put an unlimited number of songs in your playlists.

YouTube Music- Great for desktop and music video fans

We have to admit that the launch of YouTube Music wasn’t really overwhelming! But it seems like this service is getting ahead in the competition of the top music streaming platforms. An excellent user interface, great music discovery, and a highly functional search function are the major features this service boasts. 

The only issue with YouTube Music is its poor sound quality compared to the other platforms mentioned here. And when you are using it on your phone, the music doesn’t play in the background unless you subscribe to the Premium tier. You can use the free tier and get along with its ads, but those who like to use the Premium tier can pay just $10/month for it. 


Tik Tok has been a phenomenal starter in the Social Media worldwide. It allows users to share online their self-created videos. The users can create short videos with music, and use some flashy techniques and apps to convert their own often funny daily incidents into spectacular and comic presentations. And its not always funny. Sometimes it makes the viewer cringe, sometimes shed a tear or two. In a brief few minutes, the Tik Tok video expresses a viewpoint, a personal creation. It is a platform for users to express themselves. The vast popularity of Tik Tok, universally, particularly of those of impressionable age, means that parental authorities need to have Tik Tok explained, clearly and thoroughly, for them to be able to safeguard the young.

Brief History

Tik Tok started life as a Chinese invention. ByteDance first launched Doutin in the China market in September 2016. ByteDance itself was born in Beijing in 2012, founded by the Billionaire Zhang Yiming. It specialized on short bursts of song and dance, lip-synch, talent show and some horseplay, which attracted instant attention. But it was the launch of Douyin that opened the horizon to a new star. And in a normally placid country that had millions of Internet users, young China was absolutely wowed by the sheer fun of the new format. Douyin presently has over 150 Million active daily users in China, mostly below a certain age. Then, in 2017, Tik Tok was launched on Android and iOS Platforms, for markets outside China. Tik Tok is freely available everywhere outside of China, through both Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store. Though both Douyin and Tik Tok use the same software, separate networks are maintained in order to comply with the Chinese Censorship Laws. In order to dominate the American Teenager market, ByteDance purchased, and provided smooth access to Tik Tok to the US.

Universal Use

Tik Tok, by their entry into the American market through,, was beginning to corner the world market for this genre. As Tik Tok themselves enunciated their objectives, their mission was “to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone.” Tik Tok was now in the real Big League, competing with You Tube, Instagram, and Facebook. The very simplicity of the App is such that almost anyone can use it, even some very young people. Almost anyone can become a content provider, and age does not matter much. The appeal to be a centre of attraction over a wide network and the lure of a vast fan following, is addictive. Since its launching in 2017, Tik Tok now has over 800 Million active users worldwide (reference : Dataportal, 2020). Tik Tok is now 9th in terms of Social Network Sites. It is ahead of renowned icons such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. Asian countries have immersed themselves in Tik Tok, and Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are enthusiastic members of the Tik Tok club. Tik Tok has achieved in under three years the kind of numbers (of active daily users) that it took Instagram over six years to nearly achieve. And even Facebook took over four years to achieve it. Even on the count of the most downloaded App in the world, Tik Tok is far ahead. It has surpassed both one Billion downloads and 1,5 Billion downloads, all in the SAME year, 2019. Right now, it is well on track to become the THIRD most popular non-gaming App in the whole world, just behind WhatsApp and Facebook. Strangely enough, of the Five Apps mentioned above, only Tik Tok is not owned by Facebook.

Safety and Security

Tik Tok has been designed as a fun, social network which shares User-created videos. Generally the younger generation is encouraged to sing, dance, converse and lip-synch in short explosive videos which also have attractive audio content. Signing up for Tik Tok automatically makes the User’s account public by default, which means anyone can see these videos. Since it is targeted at the Gen X, some Users may be of tender age and require parental guidance. Privacy Settings are included in the accounts, and can be used, if desired, by Users or their parents, so that only the people known to the User can interact with the User’s videos or message the User on the app. Thus messages can be sent to or received from ‘Friends’ only, instead of just ‘Everyone’. Of course, any of these features can also be over-written at will.

Tik Tok has already crossed the one Billion mark for App installations on the App Store and Google Play store. 41% of users on Tik Tok are between the age range of 16 and 24 years (reference: Globalwebindex, 2019). There is no need to have Tik Tok Explained over and above this fact.

A look At Soundcloud

Share Music

Music is an everyday part of us, no matter what we would always end up humming a song or tune dancing and prancing around the house. It’s a common function that we end up doing. But other than that music is important. Now if you want to jam out to some songs you there are all sorts of different apps that you could use. But if you are also interested in making music then there are apps for that too. There are platforms where it allows amateur artist to make music and showcase to the world. And people can even cache these, or download, make playlists and so on. So the artists are basically real artists. Now if this is what you’re interested in then getting soundcloud may be of use. Now you must be wondering “what is Soundcloud?” well let’s get on to that in a bit. What you have to know is that if you want to start your music career then this is the way to go.

Soundcloud And Soundcloud App

Soundcloud is an app that you can get on the app store, or play store. It is a social networking system where music, or any type of audio track can be distributed. Now when you’re thinking of a social network you think of Instagram, or Facebook, but not Soundcloud. However it is pretty big, and quite popular. The idea was brought upon by a Swedish music artist, and a sound designer in 2007, they wanted musician to be able to share ideas, and expose their music to the world. Now it is one of the largest social networks in the world, there are over 175 million users, and every 12 hours new music, or any type of audio is being uploaded. Not to mention that there are so many people listening as well. For it to flourish there needs to be people that will be willing to listen to it as well, so this is what it is. So if you want to share your music to the world why not sign up and be a part of something exciting.

How does it work?

So now you got the answer to the question of what is Soundcloud, now you need to know how it works. Now on this there are two types of people, the people you put their music out for people to listen to it, and promote it, and there are the people who listen to the audio tracks.

The people, or the contributors to soundcloud can post and organize their music so that people can listen to it. They will provide links so that people can listen, buy or download it. Not only that but they will also post updates on anything new. This is how the artists will work with Soundcloud.

Now for the people who listen, Soundcloud listeners, they can listen, like, share, and comment on it. They could also mark it as their favourite tracks, and spread it over their social platform. They can also create custom playlists with their favourite songs, and download it too. So this is how it will generally work.

How to use Soundcloud

It isn’t all that difficult to use, so you can browse for music and audio tracks to listen to, and there is so much. You can use the search option to look for music in your favorite genre, there is pop, rock, hip hop, and so much more. And after this if you like the songs you can even create a playlist, or a collection of songs that you want to be played in certain order. Next if you want you could even join groups of audio enthusiast for exclusive tracks. This allows you to connect with the people who are interested in the same stuff as you. If you want you could even spice up your profile and show your persona, as it is a social network this is important if you want to gain more exposure. You can change your background, display pictures, and introduce yourself a bit, so that people know who you are, and what you’re interested in. And this is all you have to do.

Best music recording software

You need the right software to teach you all the skills of the song you’ve worked so hard to turn those ideas into reality. You also need to streamline your workflow to simplify the music making process so you do not have to worry about it: just create it. Today, we’ll look at the top four digital audio workstations (DAW) and help you choose which DAW works best for you.

Ableton Live

Since its beginning in 1999, Ableton Live has grown steadily for a good reason as a very popular DAW. We believe that this is the best digital audio workstation for most of our readers. Here’s the reason: It has the standard features of Multitrack and Copy/Paste/joint recording, but what’s special about this software is the uninterrupted MIDI sequence software and hardware. We had so many problems with our MIDI controllers assigned to our sounds through the audio application, but from the transition to Ableton, it was extremely headache free. Another big advantage is the included audio packages. Although this really depends on your preferences and whether you have upgraded your devices and sounds, it has 23 audio libraries so you can start making music right from the start (ideal for beginners).

FL Studio

This is one of the top DAW for persons who want to get started in the music world. FL Studio Image-Line has been withdrawn for quite some time and is one of the most popular programs so far. It has its standard etiquette with pitch change, correction, extension time, cut, paste and function, but its interface is particularly suitable for beginners. It will take some reading to get started, but once you have learned it, you will be ready. There are many YouTube videos that go back to 2005 and provide tutorials for almost every feature you need to explain. The latest version contains more than 30 synthesizer software for immediate use, so if you just bought a controller and want some sounds to start playing, you do not have to spend a lot of money.

You can utilize MIDI keyboards, record with a microphone, perform your standard editing and mixing operations, and with a simple interface, you simply get what you essentially need in music software. There are also some advanced features. Once you become familiar with them, you can deepen them to get a solid learning curve for the future. It is very easy to use, particularly if you add some virtual tools and play them in MIDI. Another advantage is that it works very well with PC or Mac; the selling price is also much lower than others, so it’s definitely cheap. We recommend that you get it, even if it is for someone younger. What made this program famous in our view is the fact that the ninth wonder works with FL Studio today.

Avid Pro Tools

What is there really to say about Avid Pro Tools? If you are looking for the mastering and mixing industry standard, this is the software you should get. It provides you with the standard capability to record, compose, edit, mix, master, etc. What’s advanced is that it has its Avid Audio Engine, which has a super-fast processor, a 64-bit memory for sessions, its own buffer latency – provides to help with this annoying delay and the built-in metering. Change the tempo at the time of any track, and there is something called Elastic Pitch that looks a bit like automatic tuning in terms of “correcting” harmonies. It also includes 70 effects and additional components: reverberation, compressors, equalizers, channel stripping, the works – everything you can imagine, Pro Tools has. It’s well-suited with both PC and Mac, though it works a little better with the Mac.

Propellerhead Reason

The Propellerhead Reason is a little less familiar in the music software community, but it’s one of the most steady we’ve learned. Pretty clever, since you can drag and drop the interface (like synth patches and effects directly to the sequencer), it has a relatively fast system, as many have claimed, and most significantly, the workflow is remarkably half-deep for those in the middle rank professional.

Reason has a very hard mixing console, better than many others such as Logic or Pro Tools. This is also a great DAW for those who record guitar or bass as it contains amplifier plug-ins and Softube speakers. These are great for adding effects and presets to your riffs, and they work well with PCs and Macs. What’s clever is the ability of the software to automatically cut and merge audio files; even if they are a bit boring, it is good to cut these files before you inquire. Finally, it’s compatible with all MIDI hardware, so it’s pretty good with respect to important aspects within a workstation.

Do not choose a DAW just because someone tells you that it’s cheap/free or “super easy to use”: you want something that helps you to capture your music correctly. Do not choose something just for the reason that you think it’s easy. All are simple; it just takes time and dedication from you to get used to it.