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Top Music Streaming Platforms

Music streaming platforms in the past used to have dissimilar libraries. Coldplay would be on Spotify but not Apple Music and the like. However, times have changed, and different apps these days have catalogs similar to each other. They offer almost unlimited playlists and songs and typically release fresh albums around the same time. 

What sets them apart is the music search (or discovery) quality, sound quality, and user experience. So keep reading to find out the top music streaming platforms we selected after putting several to the test in respect to the major factors. We are sure you would find the most suitable one for you today, which you can use to stream your favourite type of music flawlessly.

Spotify- Great music discovery and user-friendly

The features about this platform that outstand others are:

  • Its super-user-friendly interface.
  • An excellent music discovery function.
  • A massive library containing more than 40 million songs.

Its free tier streams music at a bit rate of 96 Kbps-160 Kbps and contains ads. When you upgrade to Premium at $10/month, you can stream at 320 Kbps and enjoy an ad-free service. 

Up till 2020, the app had a library limit of 10,000 songs. Now, you can add as many songs as you like in your library and stack each playlist with up to 10,000 songs. You can also check out the songs your friends listen to by turning on social sharing. 

Tidal- Massive content and high-quality sound

Once known chiefly for hip-hop music content, Tidal is now a streaming app that has a wide range of songs. On this platform, you have access to over 70 million high-resolution tracks of all the genres you can think of! iOS, desktop, and Android users can use Tidal without any problem.

Tidal is most popularly known for being an app that streams music at superb sound quality and user-friendliness. It streams songs at 320 Kbps flawlessly at $10/month. You can opt for the HI-Fi tier at $20/month if you are looking for uncompromised audio streaming quality.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a free version for music lovers who don’t mind using services supported by ads.

Apple Music- Great streaming app with a broad catalog

While the discovery options in Apple Music may not be as functional as Spotify’s, it is still among the top music streaming apps on the market. Apple Music costs $10 a month where you can stream music at 256 Kbps. There is also a $5/month deal if you are a student, and families of up to six people can opt for the $15/month option.

Both the mobile and desktop versions of the Apple Music app have an easy interface and a functional layout. The song limit in a library is 100,000; however, you can put an unlimited number of songs in your playlists.

YouTube Music- Great for desktop and music video fans

We have to admit that the launch of YouTube Music wasn’t really overwhelming! But it seems like this service is getting ahead in the competition of the top music streaming platforms. An excellent user interface, great music discovery, and a highly functional search function are the major features this service boasts. 

The only issue with YouTube Music is its poor sound quality compared to the other platforms mentioned here. And when you are using it on your phone, the music doesn’t play in the background unless you subscribe to the Premium tier. You can use the free tier and get along with its ads, but those who like to use the Premium tier can pay just $10/month for it.